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Overnight Growth Does Not Exist

Growth is not linear and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying lol. I know trying to put all the pieces together can be overwhelming and honestly, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Perfect is overrated. But as long as you try to avoid these mistakes the best you can it will get easier with… Continue reading Overnight Growth Does Not Exist

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Unpopular Opinion: Trends are overrated

RAISE OF HANDS…. If you’ve been personally attacked by the need to hop on every IG trend there ever was! Insert my official plea to MAKE IT STOP.   Here is my perspective that I have been mentally looping in my brain that has helped me overcome the overwhelm of trends.  Trends are fleeting and have… Continue reading Unpopular Opinion: Trends are overrated

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Instagram Metrics – Which is the better form of engagement?

I’M PUTTING IN MY 2¢… It seems that the hot topic of discussion right now is Instagram metrics. Not just any metric, but the save or bookmark button on a post. {Save this post btw} Now, before I start, here is my disclaimer… I have done my own research, as you should too, and I… Continue reading Instagram Metrics – Which is the better form of engagement?

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Your Instagram Bio is the new business card

Are you showing up for your business everyday on your social media platforms but still not attracting the following or customers you are looking for? Do me a favor and check out your profile bio... Then ask yourself this question... Would you want to follow you??? If the answer is no, then keep reading! Your… Continue reading Your Instagram Bio is the new business card