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Instagram Metrics – Which is the better form of engagement?


It seems that the hot topic of discussion right now is Instagram metrics.

Not just any metric, but the save or bookmark button on a post. {Save this post btw}

Now, before I start, here is my disclaimer…

I have done my own research, as you should too, and I have also experimented with
these metrics as someone who has worked in the background and studied engagement metrics, analytics, and performance like the nerd I am.

I have also listened to discussions with experts and other SMMs and have come to the same if not similar conclusion, but before we get to that here are is a basic understanding of what Instagram Metrics are:

  • Likes: A once sought after metric that a creator thought was the only way to determine if a post performed well. Today it is a vanity metric that brings instant gratification but no long term engagement measurement.
  • Comments: GENUINE Comments are like gold to a creator, even the bad ones. This gives feedback, promotes discussion, and boosts engagement interaction to measure what kind of content is resonating with an audience.
  • Shares: Shares are another metric that is valuable to a creator. This helps to boost visibility and reach more people. In terms of growth, this helps an account bring awareness to new followers.
  • Bookmark {Saves}: Saves are a valuable metric that a creator uses to measure post value. Saves are a good indication of high quality content. It will give a boost in engagement, but this is not a ‘super like’, contrary to what the rumors are.

Now that we have a basic understanding of what Instagram metrics are let’s do a little housekeeping:

The algorithm is not new and is not out to get you.

You need to create better quality content, use call to actions, stay consistent, and utilize a hashtag strategy.

Knowing your audience and when to post are also important.

The bookmark {Save} button is NOT a ‘super like’.

So, if you could please stop reposting images and false information just because you read it on the internet, that would be great.

You should value comments and shares over other engagement interactions, especially as a business owner.

The number of likes a post has does not determine your worth or value as a content creator, business owner, or human being.

Change your mindset accordingly.

The bottom line, social media is what you make of it. What you put in is what you will get.

On that note, give the SMMs you know some major credit and love… because this shiz is not easy some days. 💛💛💛


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