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Unpopular Opinion: Trends are overrated


If you’ve been personally attacked by the need to hop on every IG trend there ever was!

Insert my official plea to MAKE IT STOP.  

Here is my perspective that I have been mentally looping in my brain that has helped me overcome the overwhelm of trends. 

Trends are fleeting and have a shelf life of approximately 14 days in the IG universe.

Trends can also be fun if you find the right one for you while making it unique to you or your business.

Can a trend help skyrocket your growth? Absolutely, but again let it be the right one for you. 

However, I truly feel that you do not need to follow every little trend that pops up on IG in order to feel accomplished or to try and hit that viral status. (also overrated imo)

When you try to do all the things that everyone else is doing you are putting yourself in a pool of others doing the same thing, so how will your brand and business stand out?

Trying to keep up with everything will only lead you to burnout and exhaustion which can hinder your creativity and motivation to want to work your business. 

It literally sucks the fun right out of it ironically. And your business should bring you fun and joy… and make you money my friend lol. 

So, here is my tried and true evergreen method to create engagement, organic growth, and sales even in a season of pause.


Trends will come and go but engagement with your target audience is still the basic foundation to your business. It makes you more than just a business but also identifies you as a human being.

It may not be the fastest way towards growth… but it is the strongest

I personally have had more business success with having regular conversations, creating friendships, and building up other women this year than I have with trying to keep up with the latest IG trends. 

So, I encourage you to keep that in mind as you are engaging with your audience because they are more than just a sale or a bank account, they are also human beings.  


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