Guilt Tripping is not an Engagement Strategy

Guilt tripping your audience into investing in your company or buying your product is not a form of authentic engagement.

Let me repeat…

Guilt tripping your audience into investing in your company or buying your product is not a form of authentic engagement.

What does that mean?

If you are using sentences like this: “Your tax return is coming, you can join then!”

Or this: “You’d be able to afford it for the amount you spend on your daily coffee order in a month… I’m just sayin.”

These are not sales tactics or an authentic way to build your business.

If I am being quite honest, they make you look desperate.

I know I will probably ruffle some feathers, but I said what I said.

Here’s why:

1: After the year we have had a lot of people are not able to splurge with their tax refund. Some will use it to get caught up on their bills and put food on their table.

Instead you can say this: I know right now isn’t a good time for you, I’ll follow up this conversation after tax season to see how we can get your business started! (continue building the relationship)

2: Stop telling moms that they can’t spend $5 on their Starbucks coffee if that is their only source of “Me time”. There are some who look forward to that in their routine so they can stay sane, don’t take that away from them.

Instead you can say this: If you’re open to the discussion, I can help you find a little room in your budget to start saving. (continue building the relationship)

Obviously these are just examples and can vary in different situations, but the point is… stop telling people how to spend their money. I know that’s hard especially if you hear the words, “I can’t afford it right now,” which is a regular thing in the social selling world.

But, there is a difference in being aggressive or confident when it comes to building your business and just making people feel bad about their life choices.

This is why authentic engagement is important so that you can build a relationship with your ideal customer or dream team member.

Get to know them and even their situation… because at the end of the day your business is about helping them. Not you.

Pro tip: if you have been nurturing a client or a potential team member and they have been pulling you a long for some time without committing, then by all means bless, release, and move on.

Because you are still the CEO of your business. Lead confidently.


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