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Don’t Delete Your Instagram Reels

Here’s why…

I posted a reel a few weeks ago that I was really excited about.

It had amazing content, it was fun, had amazing hashtags, and was less than 10 seconds.

Posted it at a peak time my audience was active and then…

The app glitched.

It took forever to load and I knew it was doomed 💀

It did okay as far as my home audience was concerned but it wasn’t getting the reach I was used to.

I thought about deleting it but then decided to just leave it… I even went on my stories to explain why.

With the algorithm you never know if it’s going to pick up later but also…

The number of views you get on a post does not pay your bills.

Your worth is also not defined by the performance of your content.

So I left it. Two weeks later I woke up to a notification that said my reel had been viewed 5k times… 🤯 (that’s a lot for me)

If organic growth is your goal and you’ve done all the right things… the algorithm is currently favoring Reels under 10 seconds with good hashtags.

If it flops when you first post it, just leave it because the algorithm may pick it up later on.

Lesson learned… just be patient and give yourself grace.

It doesn’t have to be perfect for it to make an impact. 💖

Has this happened to you yet?!


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