about me

If we’ve never met on the inter webs before, Hi there! I’m Amanda! I’m a one and done Mama who loves tacos and coffee. My other hobbies include telling you how amazing you are and also telling you like it is. You’ll find no sugar here, honey!

I love Digital Marketing and have been doing it on social media long before it was something you could actually get degree in… Which I happen to also have but I also have 10 years of social media experience and serving others. I have always had a passion to help women grow in their business and my specialty lies in Social Media Engagement Strategy and Education. I can teach you how to grow your online presence and business with effective engagement techniques as well offer my professional services to help busy fempreneurs and creatives take back their time to focus on clients.

If you’re an online business you have already done all the hard work to launch! Growing your online presence and developing an authentic connection is how your business will continue to grow, but that actually takes a lot more time than you think. Having someone who can take the work of socially engaging with followers and creating lead generation is important so that you can focus on your business and I would love to help you do just that so that you can start seeing more engagement, interest, and lead generation.

I am so excited to work with you!