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Your Instagram Bio is the new business card

Are you showing up for your business everyday on your social media platforms but still not attracting the following or customers you are looking for?

Do me a favor and check out your profile bio…

Then ask yourself this question… Would you want to follow you???

If the answer is no, then keep reading!

Your bio is like your business card and if you’re not using it to it’s fullest potential in 130 characters of prime real estate then you need to fix that!

Here are some pro tips on what your bio should say…
✨Who are you?! Instagram has implemented SEO technology so that your name or business is searchable as a keyword. Make sure that you are discoverable.
✨What are you?! This is where you tell your audience what you represent or your title.

✨What do you do?! This is where you have to dig down deep to your niche and attract your ideal client. Who are you speaking to? Make it fun while making a statement. This is what will have users pushing that FOLLOW button.
✨What is your superpower?! This is how you can help your ideal customer. Most people will follow if you have an “I help…” statement. Make sure you make this as specific as possible so that it makes an impact. You do not want it to be vague.

✨CTA (Call to Action) … do you have an email list, blog, free offer… something actionable for your audience to click on? Having a CTA is important to helping your audience find your content elsewhere on the interwebs. Remember that we do not own our social media platforms, having a secondary platform is crucial.

Bonus Tip…
✨Make sure your profile picture is of you! Smiling 😃

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