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Help! I’ve Run Out of Content Ideas!

Let’s be honest, creating content is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of planning and energy and whether your’re an entrepreneur or a blogger everyone struggles with what to post from time to time. You get a feeling of writer’s block or something similar because you don’t want to sound like a broken record, your’re burnt out, you can’t think of anything new… etc.

If you have a specific niche that you are talking to, creating content that isn’t repetitive can be a little difficult. However, there is a way to create several different content pieces all while delivering the same message and I’m going to tell you how you can re-purpose them to create new pieces of content no matter what your industry or niche is.

Go into your Instagram archives and look at previous posts that performed well. The order of metrics you need to look at are comments, saves, reshares, and finally likes. Do not base the performance of a piece of content on likes alone. It is a vanity metric that I consider to be archaic. A valuable piece of content will have multiple types of engagement.

Make a list of the types of messages in these content posts and then categorize them. For example you have posts that performed well in travel, nutrition, skincare, fitness, mindset, etc. If you want to take it step further you can create subcategories and breakdown what your message was in these posts. By breaking them down you can create a piece of content based on each talking point. See an example from one of my own captions from a post that performed well below.

You should be spending your IPA time block to follow up with current customers, leads, and producing content to generate more leads…

Look closely at the words in bold, there are 3 separate talking points in that one sentence! So, if you feel like you have nothing to say, I promise you have plenty of content to work with just by breaking down a caption you have already produced.

Once you have broken down your message into categories and subcategories, you should have more than enough material to work with to create new content. This might be difficult for some because you might feel like you have “already said this why would I talk about it again?” Well, it takes roughly 7 times of you talking about something for your audience to actually absorb what you are saying. The trick when re-purposing content is to deliver it differently than you did before.

Example: if your original content was was a static photo, take your repurposed message and deliver it by a carousel graphic or a reel. *Pro tip: these two formats create the most engagement. The message is the same but it is delivered differently. You could essentially deliver the same message in three different formats if you wanted to. I recommend planning them out but this works because not all of your audience absorbs information the same way. Some are visual people who like video or infographics. Some absorb information by reading your captions.

Ultimately you should be able to create a list of content from previous posts that you could plan out an entire month with.

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I appreciate you and remember that you are #worthyaf to reach your goals.

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