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Crash Course to Organic Growth

Are you on the organic growth struggle bus? No worries, sister I feel you but for the love of all that is holy DO NOT give into buying followers, follow trains, or bots!

I am literally giving you a crash course of four tips that I have personally used for my clients that work to increase engagement and growth.

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  • Quality > Quantity. You should be more concerned with the value of the content that you produce than if you should be posting everyday. If you are trying to grow your platform, you do not have the luxury to post random shiz with no plan of action. Your goal is to reach your ideal client with valuable captions that convert people to consistently come back to YOU for. This is how you establish your expertise and authority in your niche.
  • Engagement is an important key when growing your platform. Not only do you need to build relationships with your current following but you will need to do a deep dive into your niche hashtags to engage with your ideal client. Intentionally leave authentic comments on posts, stories, and reels.
  • Caption CTA. Your call to action needs to be clear and precise in your caption. DO NOT LEAVE AN OPEN ENDED CAPTION. Invite your audience to participate in your content or to direct them to another source. Use this as an example: “Was this helpful?! Tag a friend to share it with!”
  • Timing. Knowing when your audience is most active is going to give you the most engagement on your posts. To do this you can go to your insights, click on followers, and there you can receive data about who are followers are, what days are most active, and what time of day is most active.
  • BONUS. Hashtag strategy is an essential part of growing your platform. Hashtags are like like a filing system. Each one is a category that your content will be filed under and you have up to 30 to choose from. Choose carefully. Be specific and know who your ideal client is.

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Tell me which tip resonated with your the most?!


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